Old Dominion Freight Line: Helping the World Keep Promises (eBook)


  • By Jeffrey L. Rodengen
  • 247 pages
  • 231 MB
  • Published: Sep 2017
  • Second Edition

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From the age of 16, Lillian Congdon worked to support her family, managing to save $1,700 by 1934. With that seed money, she and her husband Earl Congdon Sr. founded Old Dominion Freight Line. Originally launched out of their home with just a single truck, the company has grown to employ a staff of more than 12,000, with Old Dominion trucks crisscrossing the country, traveling more than 400 million miles a year.

With a strong record of on-time delivery and among the lowest claims rates in the industry, Old Dominion has never lost sight of its roots as a values-driven family operation, even as the company has expanded across the globe. A culture of dedicated customer service and quality has helped Old Dominion succeed even during troubled times, surviving deregulation, skirmishes with organized labor, recessions, and war.

In Old Dominion Freight Line: Helping the World Keep Promises, discover the inspiring journey of the gifted men and women who have turned a small, family-run company into a remarkable American success story.

This enhanced eBook features audio quotes and video.