Corporate History & Anniversary Books

Write Stuff Enterprises, LLC, is the world's leading publisher of works on the evolution of industry and technology.
Our mission is to bring to life, in full-color coffee table-style books, the compelling stories of the great corporations, associations, and institutions that have revolutionized the world around us.


The world’s leading organizations use corporate
history books or company history books
to accomplish
a wide range of goals, including:

•  Commemorate important anniversaries
•  Preserve corporate culture
•  Preserve a founder’s vision and values
•  Reposition a company’s image
•  Stimulate business development/marketing
•  Recruit employees and executives
•  Highlight key customers and suppliers
•  Facilitate mergers and acquisitions
•  Achieve post-merger integration –
   a cultural blending tool
•  Governmental relations

Our time proven process is:

•  Economical – Extremely high ROI
•  Minimally invasive
•  Comprehensive
•  Articulate and accurate
•  Available in all languages and formats
•  Flexible to meet your scheduling needs
•  Conducted by the most experienced team in
   corporate history
•  Every project is uniquely customized –
   not a factory operation