Steel and Manufacturing

Recognizing Revolutionary Companies

There has been a continual evolution in manufacturing since the original Industrial Revolution, and Write Stuff has been privileged to document many of the changes.

We described how the invention of small aluminum engines revolutionized suburban America in The Legend of Briggs & Stratton, how Worthington Industries started with $600 from the sale of a 1952 Oldsmobile, how Trinity Industries grew from a supplier of liquid propane gas tanks into a $2.5 billion diversified corporation, and how Nucor Corporation and Concast Group (Zurich) adapted to the rise of the minimill and challenged Big Steel.

We have also chronicled how Guardian Industries—a young, brash glass com­pany with large ambition—spread rapidly around the world, how the J. F. Shea Company rose from a humble family plumbing company to help construct the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam, and how three brothers turned a rural Pennsylvania lumber company into a multi-billion dollar company in Nothing is Impossible: The Legend of Joe Hardy and 84 Lumber.

 Steel And Manufacturing

“You and your staff are to be commended for the excellent job you did in putting this book together in such a professional and timely manner. I’m sure we will treasure this book for many years to come. Thank you for a job well done.”

Timothy R. Wallace

Chairman, President, and CEO ­
Trinity Industries, Inc.