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There are many important reasons to chronicle the history of a successful enterprise with a corporate history book, company history book, or association history book. Among the first questions asked of your leadership should be: "Who are the most important audiences for the history book?" and, "What is it you would like them to understand about the company that perhaps they didn't fully appreciate before they began reading?"

A corporate history book preserves the unique culture, reinforces the philosophy, mission, and spirit of the enterprise among current and future employees. As an organization grows, current customers and prospects are not always fully aware of the scope, quality, and innovation of products and services available. Having a company history book will serve current and desired customers to become better familiarized with the organization's scope of operations. No matter if it is your 50th or 75th anniversary, your target audience will feel confident in your organization's success as they hold your corporate history book in their hands. While you may have been through lean times, challenging events, and periods of exceptional growth, it is comforting for each of your readers to know that you are in it for the long haul. Our company history books will clearly portray that confidence.

Many organizations realize that sustained growth often means a combination of organic growth and acquisition. It is important that acquisition candidates understand the positive cultures, virtues, philosophy, and acquisition history of a prospective parent. Write Stuff will make sure that successful acquisition integrations, synergies, and greater opportunities for the acquired companies and their employees are well chronicled.

Your internal and external audiences, including analysts, institutional shareholders, joint venture partners, and media, have a genuine need to understand your organization. Properly told, your corporate history can boost the profile and positioning of the company with great effect. Each of these groups will use the volume to reinforce their positive opinions of the organization. Through the voices of your leadership, key employees, and key customers, your positive evolution and current initiatives are together pulled into focus to tell the whole story with a well-illustrated and comprehensive corporate history.

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