Digital publishing is the wave of the future

The universal appeal of the Apple iPad, with its feature-rich capabilities, provides the ideal platform for creating enhanced eBooks embedded with immersive content, including slideshows, audio, and video playback—all designed to complement the written word with an innovative and engaging reader experience.

Write Stuff is at the forefront of the rapidly-changing landscape of electronic book readers, book-based interactive iPad apps, and the development of enhanced eBooks showcasing text, graphics, audio, video, and animation.

EMC iPad Digital Publication

Write Stuff apps for the iPad offer numerous features, including:

  • Dual orientation layout, allowing the reader to select their preferred reading experience
  • Single orientation to support layout requirements specific to the featured subject matter
  • Embedded video demonstrating new products, technology, and more
  • Selected audio files allowing readers to hear actual original quotes featured in the text
  • Animated slideshows with graphs illustrating growth, diversification, market share, and other critical information

A Write Stuff enhanced eBook app is user-friendly and fully functional upon download. However, if an issue arises, please feel free to contact us for help.

The App Store on the iPad lets you browse Write Stuff’s apps and download them directly. Alternatively, the icon below conveniently takes you to our latest app, downloadable through iTunes on your desktop computer or laptop.

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