Get Started

The timing of the research and manuscript preparation for publishing a work to commemorate an important corporate history book or a corporate anniversary book is very important. If you are considering having a book published for any reason, please consider beginning the process sooner rather than later. 

When we say that we would like to get started as early as possible before your targeted publishing date, there is more on our mind than getting an agreement signed. The older an organization is, the greater the amount of material available outside of the customary headquarters archives. Combine this with the historical information available on the industry itself, and much additional material becomes available. 
Since the scheduling and conduct of crucial interviews with retired executives, research scientists, plant managers, retired veteran employees, industry analysts, and customers is an important and time-consuming component of our overall research effort, may we suggest that you consider what we refer to as a "Smart Start" to your project. If we quietly and unobtrusively concentrate on the gathering of oral histories and remote archival sources, we would be virtually invisible to you and your organization during the initial phases of our research. We could defer our research in your corporate archives until later in the schedule. We have employed this "Smart Start" method with great success in a significant number of important projects.  It has been our experience that the more exquisite the science involved in our subject's products or services, the greater the care and preparation must be taken to achieve the success expected by all. 

Just remember, that when you delay the launch of our research and manuscript development efforts, the review time that your leadership requires will be shortened as well. Since in most cases there is no charge for the work that we do, why would you consider waiting until the last minute to let us start our work? Contact us today, and our founder and principal author, Jeff Rodengen, will schedule a visit to meet with you and other interested executives to hand deliver a formal treatment and a comprehensive milestone schedule individually tailored to complete your project.