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Write Stuff stands at the forefront of the rapidly evolving eBook market with the development of new and innovative ways to showcase the printed word, using graphics, voice, video, and animation. Our work in the development of an iPad application or eBook usually begins once a manuscript is approved for printing. During the course of our research, if we know in advance that a designed-for-print manuscript will be transformed into an electronic medium, we will begin the process of collecting audio and video to embed, while preparing a menu of special effects.

There are many benefits to having an iPad application or electronic book along with your classic printed volume. When an important quote is featured in the text, for example, a reader can touch an icon adjacent to the quote to actually hear the person speaking. Since the interviews for our printed books are always captured digitally, this feature can easily be incorporated into the user experience. Write Stuff can also embed video clips or sequences from important events or processes within the electronic volume, which keeps the reader motivated and active, while helping to visually explain concepts, processes, or features of products that may be otherwise difficult to understand.

The variety of interactive options offered by Write Stuff's iPad applications and eBooks provide users with the flexibility of seeing and hearing, only hearing, or simply reading the content from the interview excerpt. And if lack of content is an issue, Write Stuff can appoint a videographer to produce strategic interviews for any project. The clarity of illustrations, audio, and video components are then presented in stunning, high-definition (HD) quality, and can be linked to television monitors, computer monitors, or HD projection devices.

EMC Story - iPad Application
EMC Story - iPad Interior Sample

In addition to the audio/video experience, graphs, which demonstrate growth, diversification, market share, or other important company information, can also be animated so that when the reader turns to a certain page, the image will build and animate without reader activation.

Once the iPad application is complete, it can be placed on the iTunes network for downloading, while other eBook formats can be placed on the Amazon network, or come provided directly from your own intranet or Internet environment. The production time to transform a manuscript into an electronic medium takes between 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the inventory of imbedded effects.

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