Company Anniversary Books

Goodyear Company - 100th Anniversary Book 
The Legend of Pfizer - 150th Anniversary Book 
Aecom - 20 Years and Counting Book 

There is perhaps no more compelling time to prepare a comprehensive history of an organization than to commemorate and celebrate a special milestone such as a company anniversary. Nearly half of our extensive library of books chronicling a company history was produced to coincide with a significant anniversary. Such a book will become the cornerstone of a yearlong celebration, and should be readily available on the eve of the company's anniversary.

From the 20th anniversary of Office Depot, to the 150th anniversary of Pfizer, the company anniversary book is always the first element to be produced, and provides a wealth of benefits to other potential anniversary projects. Once the manuscript is prepared, it contains the best text, illustrations, and captions regarding your corporate history. This thoroughly vetted document can be used to vastly accelerate other business anniversary-related projects.

No matter if it is your 25th or 100th company anniversary, each of your important audiences will feel confident that you have a venerable organization. You have been through lean times, challenging events, and periods of exceptional growth. A company anniversary book comforts each of your audiences, letting them know that you are in it for the long haul.

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